Winery Journal News

In order to keep you informed as we grow and make it easy for you to find out what is new we will update this page regularly with changes, to the website.

- 1.14.2011 - We added 50 new wineries from the South Coast Temecula Valley Appellation. Enjoy.

- 1.03.2011 - Happy New Year! and finally some updates or at least progress. We are allowing users to access the site again, once a member you should be able to edit winery content, create reviews and add to your favorites. We had some security issues with people trying to hack the sick (I have no idea why) but we hope that is fixed. We are also working on some updates to the color and adding wineries in the next few weeks to check back.

- 12.03.2010 - We added a new search page to help you review the winery repository. This page allows users to look at wineries in alphabetical order - we will try to add a letter search once there are more wineries.

- 11.13.2010 - We added some new functionality to allow members to make comments on wineries and ratings. Sorry this took a little while and we hope to add the ratings to our search feature soon. Check out any winery to make some comments and rate the tasting experience, remember this is not about the wine but tasting.

- 10.25.2010 - We just added 46 more wineries and two itineraries. Check out the itineraries Dry Creek Tour I and Spring Mountain Tour I.

- 10.18.2010 - We just added some new functionality, now you can save wineries to your favorites and review them later. This is great for planning a trip. Try it out, at the bottom of a winery page there is a blue link " add to favorites" . Once added they will appear on the right hand side of the your browser for you to click any time. We have also made it easy to look and edit your favorites on a favorites page search page. You can also use the menu on the left under "my account" to navigate to the page.

- 09.19.2010 - Added 183 wineries mostly from the Sonoma area which is in the North Coast Appellation - check them out on our winery repository search page