Winery Journal concerns itself with wineries that have tasting rooms on or off-site. Our winery repository will provide key facts for each winery with tasting rooms. Our facts focus on the essentials for responsible and enjoyable wine tasting at a winery. We will not recreate what wineries already provide; rather, we will compliment that information with quick summaries, pointed appraisals, and other key information about tasting. We do not aim to replace the information provided by wineries, regional sites or other providers; we are only looking to consolidate information needed to plan pleasant wine tasting junkets.

Our winery repository is searchable so you can find what you need using predefined criteria – wineries with pinot noir or wineries that allow dogs all to help you plan your trip to your tastes.

Our alpha search groups all our wineries by letter of the alphabet with information on the last time the winery was updated.

We also created a map search page that allows you to look a wineries on a map by Appellation and Sub-Appellation - unfortunately there is currently a but we are trying to fix, check back.

The winery information can be updated by members only and as our member community grows more and more information will be available. We have started the repository with wineries in California based upon where we have been, we will continue to add wineries so check back often.